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Organizing Committee

October 23-26, 2022

General Chair

Jon Froehlich is a white man with brown hair wearing a purple 'Makeability Lab' t-shirt and a gray sports coat

Jon E. Froehlich, University of Washington, USA

Technical Program Chairs

Portrait of Kristen Shinohara, a Japanese American woman wearing a black blouse.

Kristen Shinohara, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Headshot of Dr. Stephanie Ludi, a Hispanic women with short black hair and brown eyes

Stephanie Ludi, University of North Texas, USA

Treasurer and Registration Chairs

A professional headshot of Kyle Rector, a white woman with brown hair and eyes

Kyle Rector, University of Iowa, USA

Martez Mott, a Black man with a beard and short black hair, wearing a blue shirt

Martez Mott, Microsoft Research, USA

Proceedings Chairs

Image of Raja Kushalnagar who is an Asian Indian man leaning on a brick wall, wearing a blue shirt

Raja Kushalnagar, Gallaudet University, USA

Sergio Mascetti is a white man with brown hair and beard

Sergio Mascetti, University of Milan, Italy

Hybrid Experiences Chair

Christian Vogler, a white man with dark blonde short hair, is wearing a dark shirt and a dark jacket, standing against a brightly lit row of windows

Christian Vogler, Gallaudet University, USA

Local Chairs

Headshot of Dr Alexandros Pino, a Native American man living in Greece. He wears a light blue shirt, and he has dark hair and a long beard.

Alexandros Pino, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

Georgios Kouroupetroglou, a white man with sparsely gray hair and blue blazer over a white shirt

Georgios Kouroupetroglou, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

Local Accessibility Chairs

Paraskevi Riga, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

Ariadni Velissaropoulou, a woman in her 40s with chatain hair

Ariadni Velissaropoulou, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

Web and Graphics Design Chairs

Liang He is a Chinese man wearing a blue sweater

Liang He, Purdue University, USA

Junhan 'Judy' Kong is an Asian woman with shoulder-length black hair wearing a white T-shirt

Junhan (Judy) Kong, University of Washington, USA

Jaylin Herskovitz is a white woman with brown hair, sitting on a boat, she wears a blue jacket and blue baseball cap

Jaylin Herskovitz, University of Michigan, USA

Jason Wu is an Asian man wearing glasses and a black HCII t-shirt

Jason Wu, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

ACM Partnerships Chair

Stacy Branham, a white middle-aged woman with short, asymmetrical, wavy brown hair and a big smile.

Stacy Branham, University of California - Irvine, USA

Global Outreach Chairs

Uran Oh is an Asian woman with a meduim-long black hair, wearing a beige-color cardigan on top of a white blouse, smiling.

Uran Oh, Ewha Womans University, Korea

Yuhang Zhao, an Asian woman with short brown hair, wearing octagon-shape eyeglasses and a crimson shirt

Yuhang Zhao, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

IMage of Manohar Swaminathan, a brown Asian indian man with grey hair, wearing spectacles and a blue striped shirt

Manohar Swaminathan, Microsoft Research, India

Pin Sym Foong, an Asian woman with medium lengthhair, wearing rectangular-shape eyeglasses and a colourful scarf

Pin Sym Foong, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Workshop Chairs

Kyle Montague, a white man with short brown hair wearing a white shirt with black polka dots, smiling at the camera with an out of focus building interior in the background

Kyle Montague, Northumbria University, England

Image of Sowmya Somanath, a south asian woman with black hair, wearing a purple jacket, standing on a ferry with a background of mountains and ocean, and smiling at the camera

Sowmya Somanath, University of Victoria, Canada

Education Outreach Chairs

Anne Spencer Ross, Bucknell University, USA

Catie Baker, Creighton University, USA

Equity and Belonging Chair

Headshot of LouAnne Boyd, a white woman with grey hair , wearing a blue shirt

LouAnne Boyd, Chapman University, USA

The image of John Guerra Gomez, a brown skinned man with short hair smiling at the camera

John Guerra Gomez, Northeastern University - Bay Area, USA

Virtual Chairs

Emma McDonnell, a white woman with short red hair wearing a grey top, smiles at the camera with the Colosseum and foliage out of focus in the the background

Emma McDonnell, University of Washington, USA

Kelly Mack, a white woman in her 20s with curly blondish brown hair and a floral blouse stands in front of autumn changing leaves on UW campus

Kelly Mack, University of Washington, USA

Benjamin Tannert, a white man with short brown hair, wearing a grey sweater and smiles at the camera infront of a white background

Benjamin Tannert, City University of Applied Science Bremen, Germany

Laurianne Sitbon, a white woman, middle-aged, with dark wavy hair, smiling in the sun

Laurianne Sitbon, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Accessibility Chairs

Bern Jordan, a white man with brown hair wearing glasses, a suit, and a smile.

J. Bern Jordan, University of Maryland, USA

Image of Lei Shi who is an Asian man with black hair standing by the sea, wearing a green hoodie

Lei Shi, Google, USA

Mentoring Chairs

Image of Sayan Sarcar, a south asian man with glasses and having black hair, wearing a blue shirt with a white background

Sayan Sarcar, Birmingham City University, England

Kirsten Ellis, White women with bobbed brown hair sitting at a desk looking at the foam blocks and wires she is holding

Kirsten Ellis, Monash University, Australia

Publicity Chairs

Alexa Siu, a woman smiling, with black hair and a blue color shirt.

Alexa Siu, Adobe, USA

Arthur is a white man with brown hair and brown eyes, in the picture he is shown wearing a blue shirt

Arthur Theil, Birmingham City University, England

Student Volunteer Chairs

Image of Franklin Mingzhe Li, an asian man with black hair, wearing a black t-shirt, with a background of tree leaves.

Franklin Mingzhe Li, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Maryam, a South Asian woman wearing a beige headscarf

Maryam Banduka, University College London, England

TACCESS Special Issue Chair

Maria Wolters, a white woman with long dark blonde hair and blue eyes, in a navy t-shirt, smiling with closed mouth

Maria Wolters, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Best Artifact Chair

Dragan Ahmetovic, a white man with brown hair and short beard, wearing a gray t-shirt, looking at the camera and smiling, with a garden and a building out of focus in the background.

Dragan Ahmetovic, University of Milan, Italy

Poster/Demo Chairs

Hugo Nicolau, a white man with brown hair and dark blue shirt in front of glass windows

Hugo Nicolau, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Taslima Akter is smiling at the camera. She is a brown skinned woman with black long straight hair. She is wearing white and blue floral-printed dress. Background is blurry and contains green trees.

Taslima Akter, Indiana University - Bloomington, USA

Doctoral Consortium Chairs

Katta Spiel, a white non-binary person with green hair and big glass frames looking amused into the camera with their arms crossed.

Katta Spiel, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Aqueasha Martin-Hammond, a Black woman with long curly black hair, smiling, wearing a light gray blazer and dark gray shirt

Aqueasha Martin-Hammond, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis, USA

Student Research Competition Chairs

Mingming Fan, an asian man with black hair, smilng, wearing a black suit with a blue necktie, white background

Mingming Fan, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China

Roshan Peiris, a south asian man with black hair wearing a dark blue suit with a dark blue open shirt in front of a dark background

Roshan Peiris, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Experience Report Chairs

Garreth Tigwell is a white male with dark brown hair, smiling and wearing a dark blue shirt, while in front of a dark background.

Garreth Tigwell, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Kathryn Ringland is a white woman with dark brown hair pulled off her face, smiling at the camera. She is wearing a purple shirt with a purple plaid shirt on top.

Kathryn (Kate) Ringland, University of California - Santa Cruz, USA